The Top 6 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10

We enjoy seeing how the Samsung Galaxy S10 has gotten a lot of attention lately due to the features it has within the device itself. While multiple other variants will be released as time goes on, it’s great to look at what this device has to offer for Samsung fans and anyone looking for a well-made phone. If you are one of those people, here are the 6 features of the device that we feel might catch your eyes.

The Top 6 Features of the Samsung Galaxy S10

1. High-definition display

Modern phones rely heavily on making their screens look impressive while also being functional at the same time. Compared to other competing phones, the Galaxy S10 has its edges rounder than flat; whatever’s displayed on a phone can now animate nicely without having a basic screen make the phone look slightly obsolete

2. Fingerprint sensor

Your privacy matters the most with a modern cell phone. To mitigate that, now your fingerprints will help unlock your phone aside from a password system. Anyone else wanting to take the phone won’t be able to go far with invading any private info since the Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t recognize the fingerprints of someone else.

3. Increase in size for different variants

Some buyers may want to have a specific size in mind for their devices, whether they want to have a phone that would fit their pockets or a phone as close to a tablet size as possible. Whatever may be the case, there are at least 3 other variants to choose from. The S10e, S10+, and the S10 5G all make selecting either an affordable or expensive device worth looking into.

4. Power share

We know what it’s like to struggle with losing power over time, but your and our wishes of getting power back (without a charger) have been fulfilled in a way! Put your phone over someone else’s to either send or withdraw any juice from another phone and you’re set to go! It’s one of the best aspects of having a Samsung Galaxy S10!

5. High-speed Wi-Fi

Watch videos, browse the web and connect with people on different social media platforms with the fastest Wi-Fi available! Works well whether you want to be on the go or if you’re at the comfort of your own home.

6. Perfect for mobile games

You can enjoy playing any game you like on your Galaxy S10 with a processor fast enough to make the competition less of a slog compared to using other devices. Best of all, it makes the graphics, framerate, and loading times of any game you play process without compromises!

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