Replacement Housing

It’s that moment when your cell phone slips from your fingers and in seemingly slow motion topples it’s way to the sidewalk.  In just a split second, your phone transformed from your most important communication device to a cracked and broken electronic disaster.  The good news is the life of your phone is likely not over!  The experts at Mobile Madness Repair can usually breathe life back into your trusted companion.

Mobile device screens are constructed of two primary components:  the digitizer and the LCD.  The outermost layer of your phone is the digitizer (sometimes called a “touch panel”), which protects the inner layer of your phone and senses your touch and movements on the device.  This layer is glued onto the second layer, the liquid crystal display or “LCD”; which, as the name implies is the layer that displays buttons, screens, and pictures.  It is possible that one or both layers could be damaged when dropped, stepped on, or crushed.

If your device will not start up at all after a tumble (meaning you don’t hear any startup noises), there may be additional damage to other operational components.  Exterior dents to sides or back casing of the device can sometimes be aesthetic, but other times may be signs of more significant interior damage.

Your first step to resolving any of these issues should be to contact the professionals at Mobile Madness Repair.  With convenient locations in Medford, Grants Pass, and Ashland, the professionals at Mobile Madness can have your phone up and running again sometimes in just minutes.  Our staff will diagnose the phone quickly and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient method for getting the phone up and running again–whether it means our team repairing it on site or returning it to the manufacturer.  For more information, contact us.

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