Replacement Housing

Due to the new age of wireless charging, most newer phones have glass backs. In some situations what seems like a lucky drop leaving your screen display intact results in a shattered glass back/housing. Not to worry, Mobile Madness is here for all your housing repair and replacement needs. Using only OEM Quality replacement glass backs and housings, we allow you to keep the look and integrity of your device. Always striving to give you the best price and turnaround time allowed.

If your device will not start up at all after a tumble (meaning you don’t hear any startup noises), there may be additional damage to other operational components.  Exterior dents to sides or back casing of the device can sometimes be aesthetic, but other times may be signs of more significant interior damage.

Your first step to resolving any of these issues should be to contact the professionals at Mobile Madness Repair.  With convenient locations in Medford and Ashland, the professionals at Mobile Madness can have your phone up and running again sometimes in just minutes.  Our staff will diagnose the phone quickly and recommend the most cost-effective and efficient method for getting the phone up and running again–whether it means our team repairing it on site or returning it to the manufacturer.  For more information, contact us.

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