Headphone Jack/Speaker & Microphone Malfunctions


There are a number of reasons your headphone jack could be malfunctioning. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning out the input. Pocket lint and other debris can cause connection problems. Sometimes another foreign object could be stuck in the port. Jacks sometimes break off in the port too. The connection on the main circuit board could be disconnected, or moisture could have entered the phone through the headphone jack causing rust and/or corrosion to be affecting the connection to the main circuit board. Either way, the Mobile Madness professionals can dismantle your phone and in most circumstances, get your headphone jack back to perfect working condition.

On many phones the headphone jack, speaker, microphone and even the home button are affected by the same part on the main circuit board. The experts at Mobile Madness will be able to diagnose your problem and recommend the most cost efficient solution fo