Bloated Battery

Often caused by heat in summer or liquid damage. Causes screen to lift or back to pull away.

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is one of the most difficult repairs. As soon as a phone is exposed to moisture, rust & corrosion begins to grow, so the sooner you get it to us the better. If it is just rust or corrosion, chances are pretty good we can bring your phone back to working condition. Sometimes the power from the battery causes a short circuit on the main circuit board. If this is the case, we cannot repair the phone. Chances are 50/50 or better on all liquid damage repairs.


Heat Damage

Summer brings us warm weather, sunshine, flip-flops, and a variety of outdoor activities.   While we’re often aware of using sunscreen and sitting in the shade to protect our skin, did you know extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can also damage your cell phone? Mobile phones contain many extremely sensitive parts, and within minutes high temperatures and direct sunlight can overheat the battery and cause other damage to your phone.

While the best thing for your phone is to be kept in a shady, cool location, it’s easy to forget your phone in the car, sitting on a picnic table, or out on the poolside chair.  Video streaming or running very demanding apps can cause a processor to heat up normally, but when you add temperatures over 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the phone gets a double whammy of heat.

Extreme heat and direct sun can:

  • cause the screen to crack,
  • wear down the battery and reduce its lifespan,
  • slow down the operating speed of the phone,
  • and even result in bloated or swollen batteries.

Some phones will alert you if the phone is in danger of overheating so you can manually power it down and give it a break, but not all phones have this feature.  If your phone overheats, the best thing to do is to put it somewhere to gently cool off, like in a tote bag or an air conditioned room and keep the phone powered down.  Never place your phone in a refrigerator or ice chest–cooling a phone too rapidly can cause it to short circuit.

Next, simply contact Mobile Madness for a repair.  With convenient locations in Medford and Ashland, the professionals at Mobile Madness can have your phone up and running again sometimes in just minutes.  Our staff will diagnose the phone quickly and recommend the most cost effective and efficient method for getting the phone up and running again. For more information, contact us.