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THE most experienced Mobile Device Repair Shop in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Mobile Madness Technicians are the most experienced technicians in Southern Oregon & Northern California with a combined experience of almost 30 years. Mobile Madness is a locally owned, family run business that has been repairing cell phones in the Valley since 2005! Our technicians are current on the market trends and extremely knowledgeable about the newest cell phone models. At Mobile Madness we repair iPhones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, and most Android & Windows Smartphones and even non Smartphones.

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Services available

If you have a broken mobile device or tablet, chances are we can have you fixed up and back in business within 24 hours.

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is one of the most difficult repairs. As soon as a phone is exposed to moisture, rust & corrosion begins to grow, so the sooner you get it to us the better. If it is just rust or corrosion, chances are pretty good we can bring your phone back to working condition. Sometimes the power from the battery causes a short circuit on the main circuit board. If this is the case, we cannot repair the phone. Chances are 50/50 or better on all liquid damage repairs.

Speaker Failure

Replacing the speaker is a common repair. Call us with your device information beforehand so we can make sure we have the specific replacement part in stock. Special order parts can take from 3-10 days to come in.

LCD Replacement

Don't assume your phone is too broken to be repaired. Mobile Madness technicians have been know to perform a miracle or two 🙂 Contact us and see what we can do!

Do you need a mobile DEVICE repairED?

It’s what we do! Repairing Mobile Devices since 2005.

Mobile Madness is the leader Cell Phone Repair with 3 locations in Southern Oregon & Northern California !

Located at Fred Meyer North Exit 30 of I-5
Open Monday-Friday 9am-7pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 11am-5pm
Call 541-494-4056

Located at the corner of  Walker & Siskiyou
Open Monday-Friday 11am to 5pm
Call 541-708-6630

1275 S Main Street
Open Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm
Call 530-643-8148


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