We fix screens, speakers, microphones, charge ports and home buttons. We also back up and transfer data between devices.



Common fixes are screen, battery and charge port replacement. Most repairs are completed within 24 hours. We also fix name brand tablets!



We fix most Android Smartphones and even fix non Smartphones. Have an older flip phone that needs a new battery, charge port or screen? Stop by to see if we have the parts.

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Mobile Madness Technicians are the most experienced technicians in Southern Oregon with a combined experience of almost 30 years. Mobile Madness is a locally owned, family run business that has been repairing cell phones in the Valley since 2005! Our technicians are current on the market trends and extremely knowledgeable about the newest cell phone models. At Mobile Madness we repair iPhones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, and most Android & Windows Smartphones and even non Smartphones.

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Allow the experienced professionals at Mobile Madness to quickly diagnose and repair your Mobile Device. From the basic repairs to the most complex, chances are Mobile Madness can fix your damaged cell phone. If not, we will tell you what options are in YOUR best interest. Not sure whether the repair is worth doing or… Read More

Battery Replacement

The battery life for most devices is one and a half to two years. If your phone is no longer holding a charge, chances are you need to replace the battery. On most older devices the battery can easily be replaced by removing the back of the phone. Most newer phones, Apple and Android phones… Read More

Headphone Jack/Speaker & Microphone Malfunctions

There are a number of reasons your headphone jack could be malfunctioning. Sometimes it’s as simple as cleaning out the input. Pocket lint and other debris can cause connection problems. Sometimes another foreign object could be stuck in the port. Jacks sometimes break off in the port too. The connection on the main circuit board… Read More

Camera Failure

Repairing Your Cell Phone Camera Call us for troubleshooting suggestions, but if your camera won’t work, the best option is to let a professional repair service look at the device. Whether you need a camera lens or a complete camera replacement, Mobile Madness has experienced, knowledgeable techs who can find and fix the problem.

Screen/LCD Repair

It’s that moment when your cell phone slips from your fingers and in seemingly slow motion topples it’s way to the sidewalk.  In just a split second, your phone transformed from your most important communication device to a cracked and broken electronic disaster.  The good news is the life of your phone is likely not… Read More

Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is one of the most difficult repairs. As soon as a phone is exposed to moisture, rust & corrosion begins to grow, so the sooner you get it to us the better. If it is just rust or corrosion, chances are pretty good we can bring your phone back to working condition. Sometimes… Read More

Heat Damage

Summer brings us warm weather, sunshine, flip-flops, and a variety of outdoor activities.   While we’re often aware of using sunscreen and sitting in the shade to protect our skin, did you know extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can also damage your cell phone? Mobile phones contain many extremely sensitive parts, and within minutes high temperatures… Read More

Replacement Housing

Due to the new age of wireless charging, most newer phones have glass backs. In some situations what seems like a lucky drop leaving your screen display intact results in a shattered glass back/housing. Not to worry, Mobile Madness is here for all your housing repair and replacement needs. Using only OEM Quality replacement glass… Read More

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